♫ cute and fluffy ninja (one_truespark) wrote,
♫ cute and fluffy ninja

we are so silly

5:57 Man-D (on the inside, I am actually a bad guy)
5:58 Strider (yes you are so mean and horrible. god, why do i bother talking to you?)
5:58 Man-D (because you believe you can change me bb, I am the stoic coolkid badass)
5:59 Strider (and i am the hopeful and quirky little girl with a love for anthropomorphism. i will sadface at you every day all day because i am up in your grill)
6:00 Man-D (oh no not the sad faces jegus)
6:00 Strider (yes all of the sadfaces daaaaaaaave)
6:00 Man-D ( :| )
6:01 Strider ( :C )
6:01 Man-D ( …. 8| )
6:02 Strider ( ;__; )
6:02 Man-D (…..fine)
6:02 Man-D (have more linefaces)
6:02 Man-D (and a shoulderpat)
6:03 Strider (okay im going to go cling to you with aggressive tackle hugs dave!)
6:03 Strider ( you are going to get all the hugs )
6:03 Man-D we are obviously the best at playing Dave and Jade
6:03 Man-D ( which will make me feel awkward but i will be very stoic about everything )
6:04 Man-D ( all of the things )
6:04 Strider obviously
6:04 Strider the best ever
6:04 Strider ( that's okay! i just won't notice and drag you around trick or treating and make you help with my dog. )
6:05 Man-D ( while i pretend to obviously not be interested in any of this though i think its slightly okay and i will never tell you ever )
6:06 Strider ( but i will continue to persevere because you are my best friend and i want to make you give me hugs some day. you are so cooooool, dave! )
6:06 Man-D ( one day...that is not today jade )
6:07 Strider ( awwwwwwww )
6:07 Man-D ( or tomorrow )
6:08 Man-D ( /insert long metaphor about life being tough )
6:08 Strider ( but dave! you need to be more open and friendly and make friends! )
6:08 Man-D ( i dont need more friends )
6:08 Strider ( yes you do! )
6:09 Man-D ( no i dont )
6:09 Man-D ( /stoic forever )
6:10 Strider ( dave you need to make new friends because it is important and i will make sadfaces if you don't play nice! )

And then we collapsed in laughter after deeming this ridiculously silly.
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