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lmao memes are all I ever do any more! Taking a break from writing a paper about William Hogarth and A Harlot's Progress to do this boy v. girl thing because hahaha so stereotypical I MUST.

[✔] you wear hoodies
[✔] you wear jeans
[✔] dogs are better than cats
[ ] it’s hilarious when people get hurt
[✔] you’ve played with/against boys on a team ( football? I'm awesome at it. )
[ ] shopping is torture
[ ] sad movies suck
[ ] you own an Xbox
[✔] you own a Wii
[✔] you played with Hot Wheels as a little kid
[✔] at some point in life you wanted to be a firefighter
[✔] you own a DS, PS2 or Sega
[✔] you used to be/are obsessed with Power Rangers
[✔] you watched/watch early morning cartoons
[✔] you watch sports on TV
[✔] you have played sport at a state level
[✔] you used to/do collect collector trading cards
[✔] you have worn baggy sweatpants
[ ] it’s kind of weird to have sleepovers with a bunch of people
[✔] green, black, red, blue, or silver are one of your favorite colors ( red omg )
[✔] you love to go crazy and don't care what other people think
[✔] sports are fun
[✔] you talk with food in your mouth
[ ] you sleep at night with your socks on
[✔] you have fished at least once

[ ] you love to shop
[ ] you wear eyeliner
[✔] you considered cheerleading ( honey, I was on JV. )
[ ] you wear the color pink
[✔] you go to your mom for advice
[ ] you hate wearing the color black
[✔] you like going to town
[ ] you like getting manicures and/or pedicures
[✔] you like wearing jewelry
[ ] you cried watching The Notebook
[✔] skirts are a part of your wardrobe ( all two of them. )
[ ] shopping is one of your favorite hobbies
[ ] you don’t like Star Wars
[✔] you are/were in gymnastics
[ ] it takes you around a half an hour to shower
[✔] you smile a lot more than you should
[✔] you have more than 10 pairs of shoes
[✔] sometimes you care about what you look like
[✔] you like wearing dresses sometimes
[ ] you like wearing body spray or deodorant
[ ] you wear high heel shoes
[✔] you used to play with dolls as a kid
[✔] you have put makeup on others ( lol theater )
[ ] you love shoe shopping
[ ] pink is one of your favorite colors

I don't even have to count the check marks to know which one won. :V
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